Inspired by the most famous night club of the 70s in Manhattan, New York. This collection is dedicated to the art and culture phenomenon that was Studio 54. No matter what your your opinion of this place, it cannot efface its glory and revolution in the history of night life. It was not only a glamorous epitome of Manhattan, but also a pioneer of cultural reformation.

The rule of Studio 54 was simple.

There were no boundaries between people. No matter what your identity, background, or experience , once Steve Rubell gave you a pass to the club, everybody was equal and free. It was inclusive and diverse in an era of severe tension between races and discrimination against gender norms. It provided a safe haven , filled with the most outrageously glamorous people. You could find yourself sitting next to Andy Warhol, Mick & Bianca Jagger, Micheal Jackson, Grace Jones, Cher and many other celebrities of the time.

The number “207” was actually the number of my last studio before we moved.

“Studio 207” is a collection dedicated to this legendary place and the timeless style of the patrons that were documented under the flash light of black and white film.

If you think about it, Studio 54 emerged in a time with no social media ,and whatever the societal distance between people brought them closer together. Each vintage photo you find , captured a real and intimate interaction between strangers and friends that could never be repeated and re-created. They were present, engaged, and most importantly having a good time. It is this kind of unadulterated, carefree attitude to life I wanted to express through this season.

JH.ZANE is an extension of myself.

People who have been following the brand for a period of time can probably see what kind of person I am, what my opinions are , what my personality and style are, and maybe even my star sign. Each the 207 collections products have been carefully considered and have limited production. Trust me, it is much easier for huge companies to “PR” themselves as sustainable , but their damage has already been done to the planet, whereas many smaller , independent and conscious brands have had to be sustainable from the day one to sustain the business.

Less is always more in life.
So buy what you need.
Wear what you love.

And keep supporting small business.
Like mine ;)

Love Zane