Autumn 2018 collection is a very important season for JH.ZANE. After one year of absence from fashion week schedule where I shifted my focus to my own expectations rather than the traditional industry route. Thinking about this, for many years, I was really confused by the system, trying to desperately seek validation from the fashion world, trying to fit in like a sheep doing what I was told and what I should be doing. During that time, I doubted my own decisions constantly, deflated and even ran away ( ok, it was just on holiday to Thailand but I extended it as I was totally fed up ) 

I knew running a fashion brand was going to be hard from day one, but owning your own creative business without being able to actually be free and creative, there came a point where I saw a red STOP sign in my career. I needed to stop and concentrate on what  was important for me, and what is important for JH.ZANE as a brand. If what I am doing doesn’t convince me, how am I going to convince my audience? 

Thanks to social media, and the fantastic friends I have made through it, I was able to take as much time as I needed to put myself back on track, I started taking photos, planning  more projects and reaching out to more like minded people to collaborate with and slowly slowly started taking control of my own life again with a much clearer vision of how to direct JH.ZANE to the next exciting chapter. And to all of you, friends, colleagues and customers alike who have believed in JH.ZANE along the way I want to say thank you. I mean that.  

British painter Winifred Knights is my muse for this season. The colour pallet of the collection comes directly from her paintings at the early stage of her career which are mainly inspired by war,peace,town, country and social status of men and women. Her personal trauma led her to move to the countryside to reset, the works she created during that period of time display strong feelings of calm and peace, which led me to think of home. This eventually became the theme for the lookbook too.

Bringing my dogs to set was the highlight of the lookbook production, we modernised each item from the collection by styling and with the style of photography to make it, hopefully, candid and relaxed. I wanted it to be one of those days where you are at home, comfy and cosy and get dressed up in something nice not because you have somewhere to go but just because you feel like it. #hygge

Creative Director