"2017 was a year to celebrate being a woman. The #metoo movement and the women’s march really empowered and emboldened the word ‘feminism’, displayed what it really means, and proved that women’s voices are finally being heard and taken seriously . It was a wake up call to those in any position of “power” they can’t get away with unlawful behaviour or expect women to accept inequality. For many years, women have been mistreated or maligned in many levels of society and for those who that overcame those trauma’s or injustices however big or small and stood up for what was right and said “ we will not accept this” showed us what strength really is. For those who still struggle they now hopefully know they are not alone. "After everything you’ve been through, you are still blooming.” This quote from one of my favourite artist’s Morgan Harper Nichols really sums up the spirit that inspired the collection. I wanted to use the bloom of flowers to represent this important era in the history for women. Each piece in the collection is inspired by a kind of flower and petals are a key element in the construction of every piece and each detail is carefully considered, and whilst appearing delicate on the outside, the structure and construction is strong and bold, just like the women who wear them."

Creative Director