Vol. I
“The idea of Archive Collection is to recycle and reuse available resources we have in our studio. Like many fashion brands, every season, we buy endless amounts of fabric from fairs and agencies and independent suppliers and invariably order too many varieties of fabric for sampling many of which never end up appearing in the collection. We also have many wonderful fabrics leftover from production runs and therefore season after season I have felt rather sinful about this unused treasure. So, I decided to create an ‘Archive Collection’ which gives a nod to our signature pieces from past seasons, recreated with available resources from within our studio and relaunched with fresh creative vision. The styles I have selected are heavily influenced by some of the most popular and timeless pieces from the brand, and they are all made in-house in our London studio in very limited quantities.

This is an on-going project that I am hoping to do whenever I find time in-between seasons. Vol.1 is all about our signature tops. I really hope you like this project as much as I do.”
Creative director
Vol. I